Monday, August 8, 2016

Hey There Good Neighbor

Having neighbors can be great or awful.  They can end up being your best friend or your best enemy. Either way it isn’t always easy dealing with problems with your neighbors.

You want to get along, be respectful and respected, but issues can arise.  Your neighbor might sing all night getting ready to be the next great star of America’s Got Talent. Maybe your neighbor thinks she is Martha Stewart and vacuuming at 2am is normal.  

The best way to handle these situations is to get to know your neighbor.

  • Be friendly and say “Hi” when you pass by.
  • Introduce yourself to new neighbors. Being familiar with them can go a long way in solving problems.
  • Write them a note about the issue. If you are upset, wait until you calm down so your note can be clear and concise.
  • Ask other neighbors if the issue is bothering them too. They might have talked to the neighbor about the issue already.