Thursday, October 29, 2015

Buying 100+ Units Through Word of Mouth Marketing

Bigger Pockets is a fantastic online real estate magazine.  There are podcasts and forums talking about all things real estate.  Enrique had the good fortune to talk to the the BP guys.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Tenants and Landlords Can Have a Good Relationship

Congratulations, you found the perfect place to live and are ready to move in. Start off right so you and your landlord can have a good relationship.
1 - Do a walk-through right away and let the landlord know of any existing issues and damages.  Take photos for record keeping.This will be kept in your file and can be looked at when you move out.
2 - The landlord should tell you all the important information about your home. If they don't, you should ask how the heating/ac, sprinklers, alarm, and other appliances work.  Talk about utilities and any other fees that are required.
3 - You should know how to get in touch with your landlord if you have any maintenance issues or questions. For example, at Jevons Property Management each of our clients can set up a tenant portal at our website. This allows our tenants to create a work order online that our maintenance department sees immediately and for paying rent.  We have office hours for a tenant to call or stop by and an after hours emergency line.
4 - Please pay your rent on time.  If something happens and you can't then let the landlord know right away.  Landlords don't want to evict good, honest, well meaning tenants.  The best outcome is to communicate to your landlord what is going on and design a plan together.
5 - Try to take care of small issues yourself.  Tenants are responsible for replacing batteries and light bulbs and cleaning out heating/ac filters.  When big issues arise use the proper maintenance procedure that they landlord told you about.  Be specific with what the problem is and share photos if necessary.  Good, reputable landlords want to handle work orders in a timely manner. 
Tenants and landlords can have a good relationship if both parties communicate with each other.  If both people are respectful, honest, and remember that there is a real person on the other end your rental experience should be a good one.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Questions to Ask Before Renting

The best way to do a search for a new rental home or apartment is to be prepared.  Have your list of questions ready when you meet with the property management company.  You want to find the best home that meets your needs.

Questions To Ask:

 - When is the place available for me to move in?
 - What are all of the costs?
          - what is the rent and how do I pay it?
          - what is the security deposit?
          - what is the pet deposit?
          - what utilities do I have to pay for?
          - what maintenance and upkeep do I have to pay for?
          - what are you fees if rent is paid late?
- Is there a laundry facility on site?
- Is there parking available?
- What is the move-in and the move-out procedures?
- What is the maintenance procedure if I need something fixed?
- How do I renew my lease?
- Can I change anything, such as painting, hanging shelves and pictures on the walls?
- Do you have an emergency number?