Friday, May 15, 2015

Let Me Tell You About Yakima


We have been getting more and more tenants moving to Yakima from out of the area.  We have a lot of online resources to help you get to know the area better. Here are few I suggest you start with: - this is a what to do, where to eat, what is happening website. - a group of yakima devotees started this website because they have a passion and love for yakima. - the one and only place for local news. - this is the official website with city council and other government news and happenings. - This is the biggest school district in the county.  There is also West Valley, East Valley, Selah, and Terrace Heights.

Here are a few miscellaneous articles about what is happening in Yakima: - Sunset magazine likes Yakima. - Conte Nast likes Yakima. - Everyone loves the growing wines in Yakima. - Even Seattle likes Yakima.

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