Thursday, October 1, 2015

Questions to Ask Before Renting

The best way to do a search for a new rental home or apartment is to be prepared.  Have your list of questions ready when you meet with the property management company.  You want to find the best home that meets your needs.

Questions To Ask:

 - When is the place available for me to move in?
 - What are all of the costs?
          - what is the rent and how do I pay it?
          - what is the security deposit?
          - what is the pet deposit?
          - what utilities do I have to pay for?
          - what maintenance and upkeep do I have to pay for?
          - what are you fees if rent is paid late?
- Is there a laundry facility on site?
- Is there parking available?
- What is the move-in and the move-out procedures?
- What is the maintenance procedure if I need something fixed?
- How do I renew my lease?
- Can I change anything, such as painting, hanging shelves and pictures on the walls?
- Do you have an emergency number?

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