Tuesday, August 1, 2017

5 Ways to Cool Down a Room Without Using Air Conditioning
By Enrique Jevons, Property Manager
It’s August 2017 and with some of the hottest days of the year set to come just about everyone is searching for ways to cool down their room, or homes without using air conditioners.
Not everyone can use air conditioners all the time for health reasons and most people would prefer to save money on energy costs during the summer months. Thankfully, using an air conditioner isn’t always necessary and you can cool your living space down simply by following these tips.
Tip #1 – Place Box Fans in Windows at Night to Bring in Cool Air to Your Home
In today’s world, most people will still continue to use their air conditioners during summer nights even if temperatures get down to the 60’s and 70’s outside because they don’t let the heat that’s accumulated in their homes out at night so the home stays warm even with the use of air conditioning.
If your home has windows in each room you should purchase box fans from a store like Walmart and place those fans in each window at night to suck in the cool night air.
Depending on your area you should leave the box fans in your windows all night long to bring in that cool air then removes them from your windows in the morning, close the windows and turn on ceiling fans or oscillating fans to keep that cool air trapped in your home during the day.
Tip #2 – Invest in Eclipse or Blackout Style Curtains for Your Windows
These curtains are important because they are made of thick material and will block out any heat or sunlight from entering your home if they are closed during the day.
Eclipse curtains also work well for keeping homes insulated during the winter and this makes them one of the best investments you can make for your home regardless if you’re renting or you own your home.
Tip #3 – Limit Cooking in The Oven on Hot Days
Unfortunately, we all can't limit our cooking but we can change the times when we cook on days that it’s very hot outside.
For example, instead of cooking dinner at 5:00 pm when you come home from work you could invest in a crockpot and let your crockpot do all of the cooking during the day so you can have a ready to go meal for your family when you come home.
If you enjoy baking you should avoid baking during the heat of the day and plan on baking later in the evening when it's cooled down outside or on weekends.
It’s also an excellent idea to invest in a nice barbecue so you can cook outside on hot days and avoid heating up the inside of your home.
Tip #3 - Invest in Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
During the summer months, it makes sense to cool your home any way you can and another great way to do this is to purchase energy efficient light bulbs.
This is a smart move to make because not only will these bulbs lower your monthly energy cost, they will also keep your home cooler during the summer months because they emit less heat than a traditional incandescent light bulb.
Can’t find energy efficient bulbs locally? Consider purchasing them online using sites like jet.com and you will be able to save money.

Tip #4 – Unplug Electronic Devices When You’re Not Using Them
Did you know that your electronic devices create heat? Even when you’re not using them?
If you don’t plan on using your tablet, laptop, DVD player, TV or PC during the day you should make sure that those devices are unplugged since this will keep them from heating up your home and also help you to lower your energy costs as well.
Tip #5 – Create A Cool Bed to Sleep In
Last of all, but most important, one of the top things you should do to get your home ready for those warm summer nights is to create a cool bed to sleep in.
This should be done by removing blankets and comforters that you may still have on your bed from the winter months. They should be replaced with summer bedding which includes cotton sheets and maybe one thin blanket.
After changing your bedding, you can also take it a step further by investing in pillows or a new mattress that’s designed to keep you cool when sleeping.
Thankfully, there are a wide variety of brands that produce mattresses and pillows that are made with materials like Bamboo which have been proven to cool down the body and contribute to a better night’s sleep.
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